Follow me on my journey & be part of the dream!

EP 'Transcontinental love' coming soon!!


It was a long journey getting here and it is certainly not the end destination, still more of a beginning.

I started out as a little girl from the Austrian countryside with a burning desire to sing and to live a different life, to solely follow her heart no matter what.

This journey led me from my small hometown to Vienna, where I studied music and played in different bands and had my first experiences of living the life of a musician.

Through a collaboration with a German rapper I suddenly found myself in the capital of Germany, Berlin, and fell in love with the city right away.

My heart said you gotta move here and so I did.

Berlin and me had a great love relationship until the day I realized, this might not be the end either, because America is calling me.

Members of George Clinton's famous band 'Parliament Funkadelic' really wanted to work with me!!!! Really???? Yessss!!!

That's how a looong back and forth period started. I lived in DC and New York, worked with different US-artists, went back to Berlin, but somehow felt that this is not my home anymore.

Through a number of 'random' circumstances, I ended up in the City of Angels, another enlightening moment, another love at first sight.

Here I am now, still singing and finally releasing my first EP on my own, 'Transcontinental love'!!!

I love it here, but still miss my home, miss Austria, miss my language...Therefore I decided to express myself in my native dialect as well.

I hope you guys enjoy being introduced to a genre, that might not have existed before, I call it 'Austro- Soul'!

Really, the words are not that important, MUSIC is LOVE, that's all that matters!

Thank you guys so much for receiving my love through my music! :)