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My American experience

I'm sitting here writing this blog with tears in my eyes...tears of happiness and gratitude! We Europeans tend to have a lot of prejudice against the United States, but I won't talk about political issues or things like that. I will only talk about my personal experiences....experiences of HUMANITY, FRIENDSHIP, great SUPPORT and LOVE in all different ways. I was blessed with a wonderful host family, a great coach (Eve Soto..check her out!!), new friends I can rely on and soooo much support for my music! Thanks to all the great artists, who are willing to collaborate with me (John Huhn, Tracey Clinton, Youngproducerz, Shawn Keys, Ryan McCurdy, John Cinquino, Ryan Milov, Trevor Allen...)...You guys are amazing!!

I came here (again) in January 2013 with my hopes, dreams and fears....I feel I am a lot closer to realize my dream of sharing my art with the world!

Currently I have absolutely no idea where this journey will take me, but there's nothing left to say for me than: THANK YOU (god, universe, whatever creative force is out there...)  for my WONDERFUL LIFE!!