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New York, New York...if you can make it here....

Now that I have been in this beautiful city for almost a month, it is really time to let the world -let you- know about my experiences.

Right now I just came back from an Open Mic at Bar 4 in Brooklyn, simply overwhelmed with gratitude for having the opportunity to live in such an inspiring place at least for a couple of weeks! I've already faced so much support for my music and my art, that I almost can't believe it! I also already met so many crazy talented people, who are humble, beautiful human beings at the same time.

Yesterday I went to the concert of the upcoming RnB/Neo-Soul-Artist Maya Azucena, who just blew me away!! After the show I got the chance to get to know her and her amazing band-members (all brilliant musicians) personally. Some of these people have worked with John Legend, Kanye West and Stevie Wonder!!! Can you imagine that?? It's AMAZING! Where else can you find that, if not in New York?? 

Except from performing at all different kinds of Open Mics, I've already recorded with the amazing Brooklyn-based RnB producer Trevor Allen, get new input from my wonderful vocal coach Eve Soto every week and started collaborating with a very talented producer-team named YoungProducerz. 

Furthermore I am currently working with the great EDM-artist/producer from Washington DC, John Huhn....

So, there's a lot in the process right now and every day is a new adventure!! More than ever I believe -no- I AM CONVINCED that ANIthing IS POSSIBLE!!!

Peace and love :)