Follow me on my journey & be part of the dream!

EP 'Transcontinental love' coming soon!!


It was a long journey getting here and it is certainly not the end destination, still more of a beginning.

I started out as a little girl from the Austrian countryside with a burning desire to sing and to live a different life, to solely follow her heart no matter what.

This journey led me from my small hometown to Vienna, where I studied music and played in different bands and had my first experiences of living the life of a musician.

Through a collaboration with a German rapper I suddenly found myself in the capital of Germany, Berlin, and fell in love with the city right away.

My heart said you gotta move here and so I did.

Berlin and me had a great love relationship until the day I realized, this might not be the end either, because America is calling me.

Members of George Clinton's famous band 'Parliament Funkadelic' really wanted to work with me!!!! Really???? Yessss!!!

That's how a looong back and forth period started. I lived in DC and New York, worked with different US-artists, went back to Berlin, but somehow felt that this is not my home anymore.

Through a number of 'random' circumstances, I ended up in the City of Angels, another enlightening moment, another love at first sight.

Here I am now, still singing and finally releasing my first EP on my own, 'Transcontinental love'!!!

I love it here, but still miss my home, miss Austria, miss my language...Therefore I decided to express myself in my native dialect as well.

I hope you guys enjoy being introduced to a genre, that might not have existed before, I call it 'Austro- Soul'!

Really, the words are not that important, MUSIC is LOVE, that's all that matters!

Thank you guys so much for receiving my love through my music! :)  

All I can say...

MUSIC changes LIVES, because MUSIC is's becoming more clear to me every day, every single second I am part of this beautiful planet.  I am just incredibly thankful to be alive and to share my music with the world. THANK YOU, to everybody, who takes the time to listen to my songs, I appreciate each and every one of you!!

Everything changes...dreams become reality!!

Constantly constantly constantly working on my HUGE ass dream!!! It's becoming real, this is nothing but f*** amazing!!!!!!!! Slowly but surely I'm building a team of awesome talented people, who believe in my vision as well!!!!! I couldn't be any happier and more exited!!!
On sunday I will perform at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, 12:00 noon, monday night 8:00pm at Kulak's woodshed, I'm having meetings with labels and publishing companies, I'm practicing and rehearsing everyday, taking vocal lessons regularly with my amazing coach Dot Todham and the list goes on and on....Now there's nothing nothing nothing that can ever stop me again...So, hang in there with me and see the magic happen!! I'm so so so thankful for all the great experiences I'm making along this path, so grateful for all the support I'm getting, the understanding for the not-understandable, thankful for all the people, who love me, never give up on me, even if they might think I'm crazy...I just LOVE life, I LOVE people, I LOVE music, LOVE is everywhere and I AM LOVE, WE ALL ARE LOVE!!!!
LOVE & PEACE to y'all!!!

Yesssss, back on track!!

Hello everybody! After a 2 month retreat in Austria I am back to Berlin, back to music, back to life!! Yesterday my amazing musicians (Max Solo -guit, Jerome Albano Minuco -perc ) and me had a simply wonderful acoustic show at Jagger Berlin. It was one of these evenings, where you know from deep within that what you do is right, that you're serving your higher purpose, totally connected!! I feel truly blessed to make experiences like that! Thanks to the universe! Life is great :)

Back home again

Hello everybody! 

Yesterday evening, April 28th, I finally returned to Berlin after 3 exiting month in the United States. All in all this experience was nothing but amazing! I feel like I learned so much musically but also personally. I met so many GREAT people and got a lot of support for my music. This is the reason why I want to go back there, in best case permanently. Therefore my mission now is called 'ARTIST-VISA'!

Everybody, wish me luck and stay tuned!!  



My American experience

I'm sitting here writing this blog with tears in my eyes...tears of happiness and gratitude! We Europeans tend to have a lot of prejudice against the United States, but I won't talk about political issues or things like that. I will only talk about my personal experiences....experiences of HUMANITY, FRIENDSHIP, great SUPPORT and LOVE in all different ways. I was blessed with a wonderful host family, a great coach (Eve Soto..check her out!!), new friends I can rely on and soooo much support for my music! Thanks to all the great artists, who are willing to collaborate with me (John Huhn, Tracey Clinton, Youngproducerz, Shawn Keys, Ryan McCurdy, John Cinquino, Ryan Milov, Trevor Allen...)...You guys are amazing!!

I came here (again) in January 2013 with my hopes, dreams and fears....I feel I am a lot closer to realize my dream of sharing my art with the world!

Currently I have absolutely no idea where this journey will take me, but there's nothing left to say for me than: THANK YOU (god, universe, whatever creative force is out there...)  for my WONDERFUL LIFE!!



New York, New York...if you can make it here....

Now that I have been in this beautiful city for almost a month, it is really time to let the world -let you- know about my experiences.

Right now I just came back from an Open Mic at Bar 4 in Brooklyn, simply overwhelmed with gratitude for having the opportunity to live in such an inspiring place at least for a couple of weeks! I've already faced so much support for my music and my art, that I almost can't believe it! I also already met so many crazy talented people, who are humble, beautiful human beings at the same time.

Yesterday I went to the concert of the upcoming RnB/Neo-Soul-Artist Maya Azucena, who just blew me away!! After the show I got the chance to get to know her and her amazing band-members (all brilliant musicians) personally. Some of these people have worked with John Legend, Kanye West and Stevie Wonder!!! Can you imagine that?? It's AMAZING! Where else can you find that, if not in New York?? 

Except from performing at all different kinds of Open Mics, I've already recorded with the amazing Brooklyn-based RnB producer Trevor Allen, get new input from my wonderful vocal coach Eve Soto every week and started collaborating with a very talented producer-team named YoungProducerz. 

Furthermore I am currently working with the great EDM-artist/producer from Washington DC, John Huhn....

So, there's a lot in the process right now and every day is a new adventure!! More than ever I believe -no- I AM CONVINCED that ANIthing IS POSSIBLE!!!

Peace and love :) 


Video shoot completed!

Today was very exiting, because my wonderful musicians, Max (guit) and Sebastian (cajon), and me were shooting our first acoustic live-video. Honestly I was a bit nervous, since I've never done this before. Live is live, so if somebody screws up somewhere you just have to do it all over again... But fortunatley we got into the groove pretty fast and the anxiety about playing in front of a camera vanished soon. We just had a looooot of fun!
As soon as it's cut we will put it out there! So, be prepared!!

Hello world!

It's me, ANI! This is my new homepage ( and I hope you enjoy it! I wanted to start a blog, because I'd love to share my world with you! Music is my first love and will be my last...even though -of course- it's not my only one ;) I have big dreams and visions and if I can only inspire one single person to FOLLOW his or her own BLISS regardless what others say, I am the happiest person in the world. ANIthing is possible!